aar.jpg The Establishment of the realtors’ association of Aruba is a fact! Realtors choose to enhance the quality of their services!

Last week the realtors’ association AAR, Association of Aruban Realtors, was established at notary’s office Yarzagaray Bödeker & partners. Five real estate companies made an effort in the past few months to establish the first realtors’ association of Aruba. The initiators are Century 21 Best & Solid Real Estate, Alto Vista Real Estate, ERA Solito Real Estate, Prima Casa, and Aruba Living Today.

Many real estate agents are active in Aruba. Realtors have freedom of establishment in Aruba, viz. that everyone, without education or registration, can call himself a realtor. In addition, it may be clear that there is a difference in quality and a difference in the working method of the various real estate companies. It is difficult for the consumer, but also for professional parties and realtors, to get clarity as to which realtor really knows his business.

That is why the five aforementioned companies have united first in the AAR. The association will actively approach other real estate companies in the months to come to alert them to the advantages of the cooperation. The association’s purpose is consequently to enhance and improve the quality, promote mutual relations, and get unambiguity with regard to rates, contracts, and procedures. By means of meetings, presentations, and seminars all members will be kept up-to-date on legal matters and government affairs. In addition, the association will create a common working method together with the notaries, including standardized purchase agreements. The association will also enter into a joint venture with the Central Bank in tracking unusual transactions. For the future there are many other plans to improve the services of the realtors in Aruba and thus serve the consumer. In this respect one may think of an orderly website showing the supply and information.

Posted in Trends on Jun 01, 2016