San Fuego Residence

Arikok area San Fuego Aruba
Project Development
USD 105,000 / Afl 186,900

On Residence San Fuego we are developing a high qualified Villa Park where you can enjoy in all rest a comfortably and luxuriously live on a superb location.

The project has been situated on one of the most beautiful spots of Aruba on only 5 km distance of Oranjestad and next to the splendid nature AriKok Park.

The villas that will be developed and are already built, are built according to Dutch quality norms with exclusively high-quality building materials to our or your own design.

Residence San Fuego has been subdivided below in 24 parcels. The total surface is 43,500 m2.
In the table above you see the sub-chapter of the total property land. We offer you however the possibility from these half-measures of deviating with as basis surface minimum from 1,000 m2.

The following plots are still for sale:

Plot B-2  
Size 1.110 m2 (11.948 sqft)
US$ 105.000,=
Plot G-5
Size 2.419 m2 (26.038 sqft)
US$ 150.000,=
Plot K-8
Size 2.012 m2 (21.656 sqft)
US$ 140.000,=
Plot L-15 /
Size 2.320 m2 (27.125 sqft)
US$ 150.000,=

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