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Perfect villa completion project for sale in the beautiful residential area of Ponton. This project is being sold as is and can go in any direction you choose. 

Current plan consist of dividing existing property into 2-4 separate apartments, but the build up area provides space to make it into 1 villa. 

The house has 2 floors and 2 already existing studio apartments in the back of the property. Plans for building a pool in the back yard are set for final design, as well as an elevated deck. Walk in closets are almost completed and almost all materials for bathrooms, floors, walls, stairs and doors are ready for assembly. 

Electrical montage and plumbing is now in full progress. 

Because the house is located on higher ground, immaculate views are visible from the first and second floor! 

This project can be bought as is. 

See pictures for architectural concept. 

Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to build the most beautiful property of your dreams! 

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Bedrooms 2-6

Bathrooms 2-6

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