Sales Advice

Buying and/or selling property isn't always a walk in the park. It can become complicated, as there are many steps to take before finalizing any agreement. 

When selling you want to make sure that your property is well represented in the sometimes chaotic real estate business. Having agents with experience in the real estate market for over 20 years assisting you, is not only a smart move, it relieves you from having to do the many tasks such as, compliance, marketing, research, strategic planning, viewings and finalizing sales agreements. 

To make that complicated process easy for you, here's a step plan of how we operate:

It starts by inviting you to our office or us visiting you at the property you want to sell. We will, together with you, determine a time span and asking price. Also all details such as size, appraisal etc will be discussed.  We will collect all your documents in relation to the property and complete the mandatory compliance with you. We will also set up a contract, stipulating all agreements between you and us. This is to keep all arrangements and promises clear and transparent for you.

Then we have professional photographs taken of the property. Marketing will come in and promos start. Presenting the property to potential buyers goes via social media, our website, the website of the realtors association and internet platforms suitable for property sales. 

Once we have interested buyers, we will make a viewing appointment and show the property. Best case scenario is of course getting an offer and assisting you through the entire process. 

When that is completed, we congratulate you on a terrific sale and we have a toast to another successful business relationship, easy right? 

We aim to keep things simple and clear. Contact us for more information on selling property. 

We are more than excited to meet you! & &