Terms & Conditions


Accommodation and services 
All our vacation rentals as Villa's, Houses, Chalets, Studio's and Condominiums are suited for a certain amount of people (see our listings information). Also the furnishing is fixed for that amount of people that can stay. If there is a BBQ and/or pool in your vacation rental, it is totally at the risk of the Lessee(s). Parents with children are completely responsible for their safety. We, Prima Casa Real Estate or the Lessor, cannot be held responsible for damages, in any form whatsoever, associated with the use of the swimming pool, patio, pool deck or BBQ etc. Many of our vacation rentals have a washing machine and/or dryer, but some rentals don't. If you specific expect one, please make sure you ask on reservation, we do not want to disappoint you on arrival. That counts also for iron and ironing board, hairdryer, internet connections, audio equipment, warm water (warm water is not standard in Aruba) or whatever you will expect.

The rental tariffs are listed in US$ and sometimes also in Aruban florins. The tariff is exclusive security deposit, booking fee, Tourist Taxes and Environmental levy.

Reservations and payment 
Directly after reservation, the Lessee will receive a rental agreement, which needs to be filled in and returned by e-mail within 24 hours. Depending on the time frame of the reservation and bookings date the Lessee will receive a payment schedule. If the Lessee pays with a credit card, Prima Casa wil send a credit card authorization form that needs to be filled in.
The reservation is only complete and verified upon receipt of this advance payment. By the enactment of this payment the Lessee inherently agrees to the associated General Terms & Conditions of the Lessor. If the advance payment is not received within the stated period, the reservation is annulled.

25% down payment for reservations made before or between 52 weeks and 25 weeks of the booking date.
50% down payment for reservation made between 24 weeks and 5 weeks of the booking date.
100% full payment for reservation made between 4 weeks and 0 days of the booking date.

Upon receipt of the total Rental Fee, the Lessee will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation and other important data, such as the address of the vacation rental, directions, arrival, departure and minimum stay. 

Arrival is possible at any day of the week. Check-in should occur after 03.00 pm. Earlier check-in is possible in some instances and need to be checked 1 day before arrival. Check-out on the day of departure should occur before 11.00 am. Late checkout is possible in some instances. This needs to be checked in advance.  

Lessee can at any time, due to urgent circumstances cancel, change or transfer his or her reservation. This must be done in writing to Prima Casa Real Estate and as soon as possible. The cancellation costs are as follows:
* Cancellation up to 25 weeks prior to the Rental Period: 25% of the total Rental Fee
* Cancellation up to 5 weeks prior to the Rental Period: 50% of the total Rental Fee
* Cancellation within 4 weeks or less of the Rental Period: 100% of the total Rental Fee Changes that result in a shortened stay, or early departure does not warrant any refund or rent or deposit.
We advise you to arrange travel insurance that includes a cancellation clause to cover (most of) these costs.

Care and Contact Person
One of our employees will pick up Lessee(s) upon arrival at the airport only if specifically requested. Lessee will receive directions to the vacation rental. We are not equipped with vehicles to bring you to your vacation rental. We advise you to arrange a rental car. Ask for the car rental program, we are gladly to help you with a good rental. If you not rent a car, we ask you to take a taxi. We will guide you to your vacation rental, show you around and instruct you briefly about how certain things work. Prima Casa Real Estate is also the contact person if there are any problems or further questions. On check-out time you vacation rental will be inspected in en out, in order to refund the deposit. We will contact you at least one day before departure for a time and date of such inspection.

Final Cleaning
The villa will undergo a final cleaning, paid for by the Lessee, at the end of the rental period or in most cases paid in advance on first payments. The costs for the final cleaning amount can be between $ 75,- and $ 290,-, this depends on the type of vacation rental and the amount of people that stay in the vacation rental. There could be an extra charge for extra persons. Some vacation rentals also have an in-between cleaning, paid by Lessor. We will inform you if so. If required by the Lessee, this can be done on a more frequent basis, at his own costs. If your vacation rental has a pool, it will be cleaned 1 or 2 times a week. Pest control takes place on a monthly basis. These costs are included in the rental fee. All care takers will let themselves in through the side door.

Damage to the villa or inventory
On your check-in day we need to receive a security deposit. This payment needs to be in CASH. We will return this full amount on check-out day if your vacation rental is still in the same condition as received. Some owners have different rules concerning the return of the security deposit. in some cases the security deposit will be returned 2 weeks after check-out date. In the case of damage caused by the Lessee or his/her guests to either the vacation rental or any of its inventory items, the replace or repair costs will be deducted from the deposit. Any outstanding amounts higher than the deposit must be paid for in addition. Any damage should be reported directly to Prima Casa Real Estate or at least prior to departure. Damages totalling less than $25, if reported immediately, will not be charged.

All our vacation rentals prices are inclusive utilities (water, electricity, Cable TV, etc). Electricity costs are subject to a daily inclusive amount. At the time of the reservation we will inform you what the daily rate is. This amount should be sufficient by normal use. At check-in time and on check-out time, Prima Casa Real Estate will do the reading meter together with the tenants. If the total KwH is higher than the inclusive daily rate, the extra use will be deducted from the security deposit on departure time.  


  • Although all our vacation rentals are situated in a relatively safe area, we advise Lessee(s) to not leave valuables or important documents unattended or in plain view when leaving. Prima Casa Real Estate or Lessor cannot be held responsible for any stolen or missing items. Lots of our vacation rentals have a safe. If there is an alarm system you are obligated to use when leaving the property.
  • Prima Casa Real Estate or Lessor will attempt to avoid repairs to the vacation rentals or the grounds take place during the time that it is rented. However, it is possible that due to their urgent nature, some repairs may have to take place. Prima Casa Real Estate or/and Lessor will ensure that the time it takes to make these repairs will be as short as possible. No reduce of the Rental Fee will be taken into account for emergency repairs.
  • Lessee must be aware of the fact that all our vacation rentals are a ‘living environment’. Any form of nuisance or public annoyance should be avoided. It is not allowed to organize larger parties or events at our vacation rentals.
  • In some vacation rentals smoking is allowed, in some not. Please ask us. Use of illegal drugs is not permitted.
  • Some vacation rentals are pets friendly. Please ask us.
  • An information binder filled with information about you vacation rental, who to reach, when and how and general info about area can be found upon arrival.
  • Electricity is extremely expensive on the island of Aruba. It is therefore that air conditioning and fan’s should be switched off upon leaving the room.